Monday, June 9, 2014

Real Estate Monday: Dormont

If we're facebook friends you'll know that I've been showing houses to a client in the Dormont/Brookline area. I'm a pretty loyal fan of the East End of Pittsburgh, but the south hills area has been pretty fun to explore.
Today's Real Estate Monday is a load of potential. If the downstairs living room and dining room are a sign of what could be, then I think this house is a real winner. Beware, everything else needs quite a bit of elbow grease [read: sweat equity], but that's what this blog is all about, isn't it? 

2853 Connecticut Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216

4 bedrooms/3 bath $99,500

 The outside of this house looks great, and the location is wonderful. I love the grand stairway, as well, and I was so excited to see the wood paneling has some different wood-colored detail.

So from the first three pictures, you're probably wondering why I'm calling this a fixer-upper, but wait for it...

 Ah, the kitchen. The hub of the home. Not so much in here. But it could be. The space is there, and I bet this could be fabulous.
One of the many upstairs bedrooms that needs refinished. If you weren't handy with a sander, you could just pay for new carpeting and call it a day. 

One of three bathroom. Not so bad. Nothing a little paint can't freshen up for a quick fix. Or go all out with some new tile. 

Looks like one of the rooms on the third floor. It'd probably make an excellent master suite. 

And finally, who doesn't like a nice two car garage for your cars. Or a place for your furniture to wait while you restore the second and third floors. 
If you're looking, give me a call and we'll set up a time to go through it. I'm super curious, aren't you? 

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