Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sweet Succulents

I'm on an outdoor plant kick. I found a bucket of homegrown succulents for $5 at Trader Jack's Flea Market last weekend (along with a $1 H&M purse, and a $2 small flag pole I'm going to make an address sign for...big scores in my book). The lady who sold me her plants said these succulents are so hardy she leaves them out all winter long on her porch, never waters them, and they grow like crazy. That's exactly what I want/need. I may be obsessed with plants, but they're certainly not obsessed with me.
 I had to go thrift store shopping to pick up some extra glass bowls (as if I needed an excuse for thrift shopping). Saint Vincent de Paul's had a couple of milk glass dishes that I thought might do the trick, and I had a few planters at home that have worked quite nicely, too. I also stopped by target and picked up a couple of planters on clearance.
Here's what I've done with them so far...aren't they fun? Check back with me in a few weeks to see if they're still alive.
Planter from Target/Stones from my driveway

Milk glass and other glass vases from St. Vincents

Huge ceramic planter left behind from previous owner

The tall palm-like shrub is from Ikea
I'd like to find some other varieties and make a full-blown terrarium. Something like this:
Image via 

Image via
Live plants just make everything so cozy, don't they? 

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