Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Animal Print Art & Chair for the Nursery

I'm working on getting the nursery together and I thought I'd share my progress. We decided to switch things up (and by we, I mean me) and put the guest bedroom downstairs in the playroom. The playroom is in Taliila's old room now, and the nursery is going in the old guest room. You lost yet? I think I win the award for switching rooms the most amount of times in one single house.
Here's the old guest bedroom:

Color-wise it obviously works really well for a boy's room, but in person our paint job was really shabby and needed another coat. Since I no longer had the same paint (darn), I took this opportunity to go with a whole new color scheme. Surprise! I'm always painting, I know. New colors are along the lines of a soft blue, white, and pops of red. It's my husbands favorite color combo so I thought that'd make him happy. 
The crib will go where the bed was, and I found the most fabulously, soft rug at Gabriel Brothers for get this, $65! I'll post pictures of that soon. We'll be using my husband's grandpa's old mid century modern dresser that I originally had for sale at the shop, but so thankful I changed my mind. And I found this chair on a facebook for sale or trade board (that I'm currently obsessed with perusing):
I know this chair is slightly old school with that flame-stitched pattern, but I love it. And how cute is that buffalo print? I knew I'd seen these animal prints on some blog before, but I wasn't sure where so I asked the seller if she minded telling me. It's from and they're all real photographs of real animals with photo-shopped backgrounds. I love the idea of a little collage with white frames so I ordered a few (the giraffe, elephant, and of course the buffalo that inspired it all in the first place). 

And then I splurged on this Ryan Berkley print for Taliila's room... I thought it'd be the perfect gift for her. We're a little obsessed with the personification of animals in this family :)
So that's it so far- animal prints, a chair and a rug. I have a little ways to go, but it's coming together nicely. 


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