Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Crazy Solution to Ugly Grout Lines

Warning: this is not a glamorous post and y'all are probably going to think I'm nuts! I am pregnant so maybe I am nuts, but I have major beef with our downstairs tiled bathroom. I can scrub super hard, try a million different products, and still have dirty grout lines. Like gross, dirty grout lines. I'd love to retile the whole bathroom in some sleek, modern gray tile that hides all the dirt, but that's just not in the budget. Here's what I'm dealing with... isn't it lovely?
Well, about a month ago I was using the restroom at Crazy Mocha in the Southside Works, and they had pink walls and matching pink grout lines. It got my brain thinking, why not just paint my grout lines at home? It definitely seemed a much better alternative to re-grouting, and unless you can give me a real reason why I shouldn't have done this, I'm sticking with this solution as a home run. Anything's better than dirty, right?
Here's how I did it, in case you have the same problem.
Step 1: I cleaned the floor really well, and thoroughly dried it.
Step 2: I taped off just the edges so I wouldn't get paint on the molding. The rest I decided to free hand because our tile has wavy edges.

Step 3: Paint. If you use a really dry bush (ie. barely dip it in the paint) and have a fairly steady hand, then don't waste your time taping. Plus, paint wipes off the tile really easily. If you mess up just wipe it off right away and you're good.

I used the same color as the wall. It's a semi-gloss purpley-gray. I probably should have used a plain gray if I wanted it to look a little more natural, but I wanted to try something fun like Crazy Mocha did. Best part is, no more staring at dirt.
The final result- still ugly tile, but at least the lines shine! 

It's the little things that make me happy.

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