Monday, November 17, 2014

Welcome Little Gus!

You'll have to forgive me, it's been a busy couple of weeks, but without further adieu I give you Script Fonts
Script Fonts

Script Fonts

He had a rough start in the NICU, but after a week of tests, thousands of prayers from faithful friends, and lots of visitors, he got to come home! He's our little miracle baby- the doctors could find nothing wrong with him after what looked like seizures, and possible heart problems in the beginning. We're so grateful he's home, and such a snugly, happy baby.

Script Fonts

Supposedly, the name Gus is getting some attention with the acting world, but the story behind why we chose the name starts with our daughter Taliila and this book:
Boy names proved to be super hard for us to agree upon, and with Taliila's name being so special, I felt guilty not having a similar story behind our boy's name. One day I was reading this book and Taliila goes, "Why don't we call our baby Gus?" I thought it was cute, so I obliged for the fun of it, never thinking it would stick. But the longer we went without agreeing upon a replacement name, the more he became known as "Gus" and it just didn't seem right to change it.
The book is about a cat that shows up at this little girl's house and she calls him Gus. The ironic thing is that our Gus makes these purring sounds similar to a cat when he sleeps. It's so stinking cute. 
Tony and I brainstormed longer versions of the name (Gusto, Augustus, August, Augustine, etc) and agreed on Gustin- I've never heard anyone named that before, but it just sounded right. Forrest is a family tradition- all the first born males in my husband's family have Forrest as their middle name. Luckily I like it. So Gustin Forrest it is.
I haven't gotten much done since he's been home, but that's the way it goes, I guess.

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p.s. Gustin's nursery, in case you missed it. 

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