Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Why I Fluff the Pillows on My Sofa...Every night.

My life has been crazy lately. Like CRAZY, CRAZY. I went in for a quick surgery right before Christmas- had a little post-pregnancy complication, nothing major, but still scary. Then my husband had to top me with an emergency back surgery Christmas day! Who does that? Us.
Anyways, I now have a newborn, an (almost) four year old, and a husband who can't lift more than ten pounds (our baby is now a whopping 13.5 lbs!!!). My kitchen is constantly a disaster, right in line with the rest of my house. I get around to it eventually. But the one thing I feel like I can control with ease is the way my couch looks. That's why I fluff the pillows every night. And call me crazy, but I think it actually makes me feel calm and happy to do so. Somehow, even when the rest of the room is chaotic, when I straighten up the sofa, it ties the room together- makes it warm and inviting.
And now I sit on my comfy couch with a glass of wine and write this blog post to you. This is a very rare occasion indeed.

Here's a fun post about why you should make your bed everyday. I concur. Although, I don't always get around to it... baby steps.

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