Saturday, February 28, 2015

Having a Whale of a Time Painting on Glass

Three things you need to know about me:
1. I'm not a collector.
2. I get SADD in the winter.
3. I like to paint things.
With that said, I seem to have this weird (not-so-weird?) collection of whales growing. I had this old glass window laying around that seemed like the perfect medium for a project. What I discovered:
1. painting helps ward off those evil winter time blues, and
2. glass is really fun to paint on.
I had a dream about an orca whale the previous night, and I love this quirky painting at the children's museum, by Jay Ryan:
I hope my sad attempt to copy this painting isn't some sort of copyright infringement. If it is, I'll take this down, but for now consider this the highest form of flattery Mr. Ryan. 

So here's what I figured out when painting on glass:

 If you mess up you can wipe it off and start over,  but once your first layer of paint is dry, it will always show through on the other side.

 I realized this when I covered some "ripples" in the water I painted on this side, and then turned it over, only to find those sneaky ripples still there. 

Observe: front side, no ripples and the paint has lots of texture.
 Back side: very smooth and glossy, with ripples in the water. 
Here's Taliila painting the glass of and old frame. 

My little artist. 

Another thing I think would be fun to try is painting a chalkboard on an old piece of glass. It'd be such a smooth backdrop- I feel like the chalk would just glide over it. 

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