Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pardon Our Mess...We're Building a Wall

If you live by us and have seen our mess, I'm so sorry! No, a tornado did not rip our yard apart...we're building a new wall. And like every other family I know, our projects take way longer to complete than expected (especially in monsoon-like conditions). Here's our new wall!

Just kidding! That's our old, very cracked concrete wall. 
 We knew we'd have to address it someday, and my husband just so happens to build walls for a living (a very handy trade to know in a city of walls). So what might cost us $15,000 to redo, we're getting for the cost of materials. It literally took my husband and another worker a week to jack hammer the entire wall. Once they got the steps out, we discovered this not-so-little hole:
 He dug it up and it's actually about a 6'x3' foot opening. My best guess is an old cistern? I was hoping for a secret passage way, but no, just a huge hole.

 So that's about as far as we got when the massive rains hit, and we've seriously gotten all of three days in the last month that were dry and sunny. Thus the mess and the apology to our neighbors.
 We're thinking of expanding the top level section where the huge bushes were and adding a nice water feature to drown out some of the traffic noise we deal with. Either way, the finish product will be way worth the wait. I'll be sure to update when it's done. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Give Cool Stuff, Buy Cool Stuff, Support Pitcairn

Hey everyone- just wanted to let you know about a little fundraiser that's near and dear to my husband's heart. PitCare, an organization in Pitcairn, where my husband grew up, is teaming up with ayptoday to raise money for their cause. Their purpose is to 

"help break the chains of generational poverty, strengthen families, and bring hope for the next generation, through education, job training, counseling, and Spiritual guidance".

 They are buying and redoing houses for people in their home-ownership program, as well as all kinds of mentor programs for children.. It's pretty neat, and I'd encourage you to take the time to read about it.
Here are two ways you can help. 
1. Donate
Donations will be collected on these dates:

Saturday, June 6—9:00am-Noon

Sunday, June 7—9:00am-Noon
Tuesday, June 9–6:00pm-8:00pm
Friday, June 12–10:00am-Noon
Saturday, June 13—9:00am-Noon
Sunday, June 14—9:00am-Noon
Wednesday, June17—10:00am-Noon
Friday, June 19—10:00am-Noon
Saturday, June 20—10:00am-Noon

Please bring them to New Covenant Church (2225 Grandview Ave., Monroeville) on the stated dates and times listed below. Shout out to Turner's Dairy for the use of the truck to store the items until the Auction Date.

2. Sign Up & Bid On Items at AYPtoday.com

I will update you with the auction date. 

Sterling Silver
Household Items
Solid Wood Furniture
Sports Equipment
Outdoor Equipment
Art (Signed and Numbered Prints)
Antique Maps
Video Games and Consoles
Outdoor Furniture
Unopened Anything
Man Cave Items
New Upholstered Furniture
Valuable Sports Cards
New Clothing with Tags
Flat Screen TVs
New Appliances
Lawn and Garden Equipment
Metal Signs
Complete and Clean Childrens Toys

Used Clothing
Old Upholstery
Tube Televisions
Broken Electronics and Appliances
Upright Pianos
Christmas Items in Bulk


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