Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ikea PAX Wardrobes/ Master Bedroom Redo Part 2

Our bedroom's been repainted and we've been enjoying our new Ikea PAX wardrobes for a couple weeks now, and I think I'm in love. If you'd like a little recap of the process you can click here for wardrobe info and here for paint color info. Otherwise, let me show you in pictures the {almost} end result. *Update: Part 3 here.

 The wardrobes. After living "doorless" for a couple weeks, I've been thinking more about getting doors to obtain that hidden built-in look from my original inspiration picture, but I know a certain 3 yr. old who's ecstatic that she can now reach mommy's makeup.

I painted the inside of the "vanity" with a latex paint. It did not adhere well to the wardrobe at all. Primer was definitely necessary, but somebody got lazy (me). I hand painted little red flowers to match the mirror. This was just an ordinary oak mirror I bought at construction junction before I took some of my Cherry Jubilee to it. I'm not entirely satisfied with this part, but it's just paint and I can always change it later.

I bought new lamp shades from Target to go with these awesome hammered gold bases my mom bought me a while back for $4 each from a grocery store of all places! The shades look like a Van Gogh painting when not lit. The left end table is vintage and the right one my husband got from a hitchhiker he picked up one time. Random, I know, but he gave the guy a ride home, and he gave him this adorable Moroccan inspired table in return. Thank you hitchhiker Bob! 

I think I need to invest in some pretty Euro shams for the bed, and maybe a more neutral rug option. There's a lot of pattern going on here, although it's somehow not quite as overwhelming in person. The walls take on a neutral effect. It was hard to capture the shade of the room with my camera and the bright light streaming in through the windows, but I'm very happy with the color.
Our next step: hanging pictures gallery style on the wall adjacent to our bed. I already bought two fun paintings from a thrift store today. Can't wait to get hanging.

Ikea PAX Wardrobes/ Master Bedroom Redo Part 3

Decorating is always such an on-going process. We've had these Ikea PAX wardrobes for over a year now, and while I've loved having them, I wasn't quite sold on the "exposed" look. I decided to repaint the center console to blend in with the wall color. It's just a sleeker look in general and I love it. I've also been using the "KonMari" method (without even realizing it) for the past few months getting rid of the clothes (and other stuff) that just take up space. I think I've donated about 4 bags of clothing so far. It feels so refreshing to clean out what you don't really use.

*the new rug was an ebay score for $40! It's really soft. 


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