Sunday, February 7, 2016

Renovations Week 2: Get your paint on

Even though this should technically be the end of week three of renovating, we lost a week due to my parents visiting and snow- my husband does snow removal so he's gone most the day and night during a snowfall.
Also, my phone shattered about a month ago. I refuse to pay $165 to have it repaired just to have it be dropped and broken all over again. So these photos were taken with my dinosaur iphone. I'll have to bust out my "real" camera for some better quality pictures. But until then, here's what we've got. 
Bought this chandelier for $25 off craigs from this guy in Penn Hills that ironically enough I use to buy from for my store. It's now bright yellow and hanging against this green wall in our office.  I plan on putting little round bulbs in it. I'll share that next week. 

 I was going to leave the carpet in this room, except a little person wondered into this room today and had some paint on the bottom of her boots. Paint is a beast to get out of carpet, so out it goes. I plan on painting the floors an ultra white (gasp, I know I should refinish them, but there's so much paint on them from the previous owners and I'm feeling overwhelmed right about now).
Meanwhile, my husband has been working on exposing this awesome rock wall in the kitchen. It already felt like a cave, now it's official. We'll be replacing the door with an all-glass door soon to let some light flood in. 

I'm looking at these groutable, vinyl tiles for the kitchen, and I like this pecan floor for the living room. It just so happens to be a whopping 79 cents a sq. foot! I'm not sure I'm ready to go vinyl in the kitchen, but I honestly hate tiling big areas, not just out of laziness, but if one breaks, it's impossible to replace the section. This will be a rental for most the year, after all, so I'm trying to not break the budget here on something that someone else will be using ( and perhaps not be as good at taking care of). 

And if the Broncos win the superbowl, my husband owes me this chandelier from etsy. I think it'd look awesome in the kitchen over the island. 

you can find this here

Finally, the master bedroom was painted a stony grey. The window in this room is so big that I struggled to get a good picture of this room since the light was just flooding in. Maybe with a real camera I'll be able to capture a pic of the view of the Hot Metal Bridge and all the buildings of Oakland in the background. 

On the agenda for this next week: a contractor friend is coming in to put a beam up in the living room/kitchen so we can open that wall up and reroute the air ducts. He's also helping us re-dry wall the bathroom. 


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