Friday, March 18, 2016

Easy/Stylish Pillow Craft (with the kiddos)

I was inspired by this article in HGtv Magazine where this blogger  painted ikea pillow covers to look like designer pillows. I'm not crafty, but I figured I could handle this and I happened to have some spare Ikea pillow case covers on hand. I think they're like $4 at ikea.
 Anyways, I whipped out some craft paint and started painting some dot like shapes. I didn't even have the fabric medium to add, and it turned out fine- a little rough, but fine. 
Taliila saw what I was doing, and found one of her pillows that she wanted to paint, too. 
Then Gus woke up from his nap, and of course had to have a go at the paint brush as well. Turned into a family affair. Here are the results:
From left to right, Gus's rad pillow and Taliila's pillow says "kindness". 
Taliila used q-tips for her dots. I thought that was a good idea. 

The end result and my attempt at the dots that turned out more like animal tracks. 

I love the idea of temporarily covering my pillows with a fresh new look. Especially with my kids artwork. 

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